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  1. If you want to take the trip of a lifetime, pick Tide Rip Grizzly Adventures. First and foremost, we were impressed with Derek Kyostia’s knowledge and care for the bears. As photographers and wildlife advocates, we were happy to see how seriously Derek took his job and respected the animals. His love for the Grizzly Bears is obvious, he knows how to read and predict their behavior and never once took our boat too close to the amazing bears. His respect for them came above all else. Regardless, he still allowed us amazing shots, shared stories about each bear, and introduced us to the world of beauty that exists on the northern tip of Vancouver Island. If you want to view Grizzly Bears, there is no other tour you should pick. We loved every moment and the professional, knowledgeable staff made us feel welcome and comfortable all day. Highlights from our trip include meeting the now-famous Bella (Sky from Disneynature’s “Bears”) and her two ridiculously cute cubs, Scout and Amber. We also met Bella’s Grizzly Bear mom-friend Lenore and her two cubs, as well as one of Bella’s previous litter’s cubs, Freya. In addition we saw four beautiful Black Bears, numerous Bald Eagles, a pod of White-sided Dolphins and we rounded out our Grizzly Bear total at 13 Grizzly Bears. For images from our amazing day on the water, please check out this link: For a recap of our day on the water, check out our blog: When you’re done drooling over the cute and amazing bears, head over to Tide Rip Grizzly Adventures and book your trip. We promise you will not be disappointed.