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Grizzly Bears Emerge from the Den

High in the mountains above the tree line the grizzly bear hibernates. As the sun strengthens and the snow begins to melt a female grizzly breaks through the protective layer of snow to greet the spring. She is not alone … Continue reading

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Daryl Dancer Artist and Naturalist

Daryl is an artist and naturalist and full bear viewing guide. She is a qualified captain with years of experience in many types of vessels in waters from the East Coast to the West Coast and waters in between. In … Continue reading

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Guess Who’s Sleeping With Whom!?!

Whether it’s simply spring fever or something in the air, there’s drama unfolding in the backwoods of British Columbia. It’s mating season! ‘Lenore’ (see picture), our 9 year old resident female has kicked her young son ‘Peanut’ to the curb … Continue reading

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