After nearly two years of supreme matriarchal rule, it seems as though Bella has finally had to relinquish control. Likely intoxicated by salmon, her two cute-and-cuddly-cubs-turned-rambunctious-tweenies have become unmanageable in recent weeks, spending their days shadow boxing and wrastlin’ in the grass rather than investing that same time and energy on refining their fishing techniques and/or other important life skills under the guidance of Mama Bear. The pink salmon, 63000 strong, have fully entered the river and in the next two weeks or so spawning shall commence. Shortly there afterwards, the fish spirits will abandon their bodies for the ‘big fishy place in the sky’, leaving their carcasses behind for bear fodder, eagle bait and critical nutrients for the longevity of the next generations of salmon. In the meantime, let us pray that Bella can chuff some sense into the kids and ensure they have sufficient fat reserves to see them through the coming hibernation period.

Grizzly bears and black bears, deer and wolves, eagles and an amazing array of seabirds, there’s always something to see on a Tide Rip Grizzly Tour!!!

We depart at 0700am daily from historic Telegraph Cove bound for the spectacular Knight Inlet by covered water taxi, complete with onboard washroom. Cost starts at $319 per adult for this all day excursion and includes a light breakfast, healthy lunch and knowledgeable Guides.

Please call toll free 1.888.643.9319 or local 250.928.3090 to book your grizzly bear tour.

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