Cougar perched on a bluff near the cove. photo Lindsey

Cougar perched on a bluff near the cove. photo Lindsey

We are Tide Rip Grizzly Tours after all, but there are other even more mysterious predators lurking in the forest and as of late we’ve been very fortunate to have had some truly incredible sightings.  Point in case, the large putty seen above was thoughtful enough to have posed on a rocky headland just long enough for Tiderippers to mercilessly click some breathtaking images before the stunning kitty vanished back under the dense veil of the trees from which it emerged.  Whoa! Not three days later, our team of wildlife spotting experts managed to see a wolf foraging in the intertidal zone.  It’s cryptic camouflage made it nearly impossible to see the elusive canine, but it too was held hostage by its own curiosity which allowed for an awesome viewing experience. To date bear sightings remain strong which is normal for this time of the year.  It’s official Kinky has now abandoned her three beauties and we have anecdotal reports that she’s been seen cavorting with some big stud!?  Meanwhile the cubs are cowering in a corner of the estuary, not quite sure what to make of their predicament, never venturing more than a paws length from one another.  Meanwhile over yonder, Lenore has been spectating afar, shaking her head in disgust and wondering what could have pushed Kinky over the edge from respectable matriarch to late night hussy.  Easy to say for the resident mother of two otherwise model cubs!

Grizzly bears and black bears, deer and wolves, eagles and an amazing array of seabirds, there’s always something to see on a Tide Rip Grizzly Tour!!!

We depart at 0700am daily from historic Telegraph Cove bound for the spectacular Knight Inlet by covered water taxi, complete with onboard washroom. Cost starts at $319 per adult for this all day excursion and includes a light breakfast, healthy lunch and knowledgeable Guides.

Please call toll free 1.888.643.9319 or local 250.928.3090 to book your grizzly bear tour.

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