2015 Sitka and CedarIt’s true. Papa was indeed a rolling stone. But that’s the way it’s always been. That’s the way it has to be.

Love’ em and leave ‘em…

You see in the biological game of induced ovulation, it’s the males strategy to ensure that nary an ‘opportunity’ is missed. Easier said than done. Unlike the 30 day reflex ovulatory human, the sheepish ursal egg must be ‘persuaded’ down the fallopian tube where a virtual naval force of only the very fittest of semen eagerly awaits for the interception. In the meantime however, nothing is sure to dislodge a stubborn egg like a good old fashion quickie. This requires both fortitude and stamina on behalf of the naval commander as this procedure may be repeated time and time again over the course of just a few days to more than a week or two, depending on the willingness of his partner, her state of oestrous, in addition to addressing threats from rogue combative opponents contending for the same pot of gametes at the end of the fertility rainbow!

Satisfied, if not exhausted by the total extent of his lustful paternal contribution, the male then ambles on in search of his next spring fling, never really even taking the time to get to know his inamorata or the fruits of his loom.   So sad.

However, with the sex-crazed big kahuna’s rampage having seemingly come to an end, the neighbourhood tweens, including Sitka and Cedar can take a much-needed recess from their heightened state of anxiety. For now they are simply biding the days away until the next stud happens along and disturbs the peace. Sleep. Eat. Poop. Repeat.

Grizzly bears and black bears, deer and wolves, eagles and an amazing array of seabirds, there’s always something to see on a Tide Rip Grizzly Tour!!!

We depart at 0700am daily from historic Telegraph Cove bound for the spectacular Knight Inlet by covered water taxi, complete with onboard washroom. Cost starts at $319 per adult for this all day excursion and includes a light breakfast, healthy lunch and knowledgeable Guides.


Please call toll free 1.888.643.9319 or local 250.928.3090 to book your grizzly bear tour.

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