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Call your broker to collect if you laid bets last season! Paternity test results still pending (Abraham where were you on the night of May 14th, 2012?), conclusive evidence has now confirmed that Bella has been ensuring the well being of both a male AND a female cub (seen left). Until now, it’s been difficult to definitively ascertain the sexes of movie stars Scout and Amber because the wee little ankle biters were physically too small and not showing any of the many indicators used to otherwise sex adults. Now though, there’s a noticeable difference in size between the tweeners and naughty bits have been positively identified.

Of course tabloid gossip wouldn’t be read-worthy if there was nary a mention of our resident sow of ill repute, Lenore. It’s no secret that Lenore likes her boars. However, Tiderippers were left absolutely dumbfounded when suspecting she had reached a new all time low when her insatiable appetite for love led her to foster an inter-species relationship with… a bison? Thankfully, it has since become apparent that the buffalo in question was in fact the largest male grizz any of us have ever laid eyes on. Like most of his kind, the male was wary and elusive at best and only admired from afar. At the time of publishing, it is thought that having enjoyed the company of Lenore for several days, the stone has since rolled on. In his wake however, other smaller males have emigrated into the arena for some ursal attention compliments of the old girl!

Grizzly bears and black bears, deer and wolves, eagles and an amazing array of seabirds, there’s always something to see on a Tide Rip Grizzly Tour!!!

We depart at 0700am daily from historic Telegraph Cove bound for the spectacular Knight Inlet by covered water taxi, complete with onboard washroom. Cost starts at $319 per adult for this all day excursion and includes a light breakfast, healthy lunch and knowledgeable Guides.

Please call toll free 1.888.643.9319 orlocal 250.928.3090 to book your grizzly bear tour.

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