Dens & Day Beds

The Broughton Archipelago.

The Broughton Archipelago.

Below you will find a list of suggested ‘dens and day beds’ within immediate striking distance of Tide Rip HQ.  As always, please consult for the most up-to-date reviews and contact details.

Telegraph Cove

Telegraph Cove Resorts

Voted one of the ten best “towns” in Canada to visit by travel writers (as published in Harrowsmith Magazine), Telegraph Cove is tucked away on the eastern coast of Northern Vancouver Island in one of the last virtually untouched areas of the North American continent. This tiny sawmill and cannery community was important to the development of the North Island and has a rich and colorful history.Telegraph cove resorts takes pride in being able to present it to the general public in as close to the original condition as possible. You’ll love their cozy cabins/cottages along the boardwalk and the campground/RV park in the old growth forest.

Dockside 29 Suites

Telegraph Cove’s over-the-water luxury suites are available for overnight rental. Each unit has a lovely view of the marina and Johnstone Strait. Access to your car and boat is only a few feet away!
ph: 1.800.200.4465 or 250.928.3131

Telegraph Cove Marina and RV

Box 1-8, Telegraph Cove,
B.C., Canada, V0N 3J0
Telephone: (250) 928-3163 or 1-877-TEL-COVE
FAX: (250) 928-3162

Stubb’s Island Whale Watching

Experience Stubbs Island Whale Watching Adventure! British Columbia whale watching and birding tour adventures of the Johnstone Strait and Robson Bight – from Telegraph Cove BC, Vancouver Island.

North Island Kayaks

North Island Kayaks: BC Sea Kayaking with Killer Whales, Sea kayak rentals and guided kayak tours from Telegraph Cove, Vancouver Island.

Ripple Coast

Ripple Coast Society is a non-profit organization helping people to understand and connect with the habitats and wildlife of British Columbia’s important coastline. Creating passion for the environment.

Cottage at the Cove/Orca Pass B&B

Located in picturesque Telegraph Cove overlooking the peaceful Johnstone Strait.  Enjoy wilderness surroundings, warm and friendly hospitality.

Hidden Cove Lodge

A ‘West Coast Cedar’ Oceanfront Lodge with 9 fully accommodated rooms and a fantastic common viewing area overlooking the bay with a licensed dining room.

  • Tide Rip is happy to pick you up from Hidden Cove Lodge by boat free of charge.
  • web:
  • email:
  • ph: 250.956.3916

Port McNeill

The Wastell Islands.

The Wastell Islands.

The town of Port McNeill is a thriving community on the northeastern coast of Vancouver Island.  Established in 1937, Port McNeill was named after William McNeill, a Boston-born explorer for the Hudson’s Bay Company.

As well as being the centre of North Island logging operations, the town’s sheltered harbour is also a launching point for sportsfishing enthusiasts who test their skills in the maze of waterways between Vancouver Island and the mainland.

Please note:  Port McNeill is approximately a 20 minute commute from Telegraph Cove.

At Water’s Edge B&B

At Water’s Edge is a modern bed and breakfast located in the coastal community of Port McNeill, on Northern Vancouver Island. With total guest comfort and relaxation our top priority, you will find this custom-built property which is open year round is the perfect place to recharge and refresh.

Black Bear Resort

The Black Bear Resort Hotel is the newest property on Northern Vancouver island, offering elegant Port McNeill hotel accommodation situated on the fringe of a natural forest in the heart of Port McNeill.

Haida Way Motor Inn

The Haida Way is Port McNeill’s most popular hospitality complex. Located near downtown, the Haida Way is within walking distance of shopping, the harbour and the ferry terminal.  They have a full-service restaurant, lively pub and well-stocked liquor store.

Home Away From Home Cottage

Relax on two acres in the country setting of Hyde Creek. Centrally located 6 kms south of Port McNeill and 20 kms north of Telegraph Cove it’s not unusual for deer to wander through, see a black bear or view ocean life.

Nimpkish Forest B&B

The Northern Vancouver Island “Nimpkish Forest B & B” is nestled peacefully on 2.5 acres within the Northern Vancouver Island Nimpkish Forest. Your stay will be quiet, peaceful and charming.

  • ph: 1.855.956.3464

Alert Bay

The Great Bear Rainforest.

The Great Bear Rainforest.

Alert Bay on Cormorant Island, formerly a thriving fishing village on the BC coast, is the oldest community on northern Vancouver Island. Heritage buildings and old village

houses on the waterfront still speak of the early pioneer days, where a fish saltery was in 1870. The waterfront boardwalks, ferry dock and marinas bustle with life, but most vivid today is the living culture of the ‘Namgis First Nation of the Kwakwaka’wakw.

Please note:  Alert Bay is approximately a 15 minute commute by boat from Telegraph Cove.  Tide Rip is happy to pick you up from Alert Bay for your excursion.  A $20/person fuel surcharge applies. Please do not lodge in Alert Bay after September 15; in the fall during adverse weather days, our bear trip will run from Telegraph Cove, but we will not be able to pick you up from Alert Bay in the dark at 6:40 am.

Alert Bay Lodge

  • Cedar log in construction, the Lodge was originally a church. This legacy is reflected in the high arched cedar beams that frame the expansive common room and the former pulpit which now serves as one of our ‘conversation nooks’. In the common room guests can peruse the library, relax by the woodstove and exchange stories with other guests.
  • website:
  • email:
  • ph:  1.800.255.5057 or 250.974.2026

Oceanview Cabins

  • Oceanview Cabins offers travelers a comfortable, enjoyable, and restful stay. Beautifully renovated cabins and countless amenities make Oceanview Cabins an enjoyable and desired destination.
  • website:
  • email:
  • ph:  1.877.974.5457

Seine Boat Inn

  • Just steps from the ferry dock, shops and restaurants, the Inn is built out over the beach and the ocean, providing spectacular views and the best sleep you’ll ever have. The Seine Boat Inn name honours the boat and its predecessors that created and sustained this small fishing village, and the men and women who fished and crewed them, some of whom never made it home.
  • website:
  • email:
  • ph:  250.974.5310

 Port Hardy
Baronet Passage.

Baronet Passage.

Watch your Wheels! You’ve reached the end of Island Highway 19 – Port Hardy is as far north as you can drive.
Port Hardy was named after Vice-Admiral Sir Thomas Masterman Hardy, former captain of H.M.S. Victory. With a population exceeding 5000, this turn-of-the-century townsite is now the largest community in the region and the bustling terminal for B.C. Ferries’ service to Prince Rupert and Haida Gwaii (Queen Charlotte Islands) via the Inside and Discovery Coast Passage sailing routes.

As 97 percent of the population of Vancouver Island lives on the southern half of the island, outdoor recreationists in search of solitude come north.

Please note:  Port Hardy is approximately a 1.5 hour commute from Telegraph Cove. 

Bear Cove Cottages

Facing west overlooking Hardy Bay, the Cottages offer luxury, simplicity and comfort. For adventurous and relaxed travelers alike, the opportunities are boundless.

Ecoscape Cabins

Situated on 15 acres on the northern end of Vancouver Island, Ecoscape Cabins provides a truly unique nature-based holiday experience. Close to pristine beaches, rainforests & numerous hiking trails, Ecoscape is located minutes from Port Hardy, boat launch & BC Ferries.

  • website:
  • email:
  • ph:  250.949.8524

I’ve spent most of my life surrounded by incredible beauty, enjoying wonderful relationships with wild animals most of us were taught to fear. We really need to get over our fear of the wild. It’s what sustains us; not what threatens us.

~Charlie Russell (Author, Naturalist, Grizzly Bear Crusader)

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