Daryl Dancer Artist and Naturalist

Daryl Dancer Wade - Artist and Naturalist

Daryl is an artist and naturalist and full bear viewing guide. She is a qualified captain with years of experience in many types of vessels in waters from the East Coast to the West Coast and waters in between. In the off season, Daryl volunteers with the Comox Coast Guard Auxiliary  as a Coxswain in charge of a marine search and rescue crew.
As an artist Daryl uses her art work to show how we are connected with the ecosystem, of which we are a part of. Her medium of choice is fibre. Whenever possible, she repurposes paper into hand spun thread for weaving and has on occasion used grizzly bear scat (spring time scat with sedge) to make hand made pooh paper.

Daryl Dancer Wade - Artist and Naturalist

As a naturalist, Daryl invites you to share together our connectedness to the landscape. To explore our natural surroundings on a more intimate level, to look through the visual surface and delve  into the world of nature not readily seen by most. 

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