Neil Young once sang that he wanted to live ‘with a cinnamon girl’…now we have a better understanding of what he meant. For there, foraging amongst the technicolour inter-tidal smorgasbord, was a cinnamon bear! Though not a Tide Rip-certified grizzly, this brown-phase black bear was a stunning specimen indeed. In fact black bears can come in many different shapes, sizes and colours, including black, white, brown and even blue, a fact most are unaware of. Thus ‘black’ bear is a bit of a misnomer.

Meanwhile, in other grizzled news, it would appear as though the hormonal males have finally vacated the area once and for all. Though this is likely good news for mothers with cubs, it has left Lenore somewhat lonely given her sexual rampage in recent weeks. Although we don’t condone her promiscuity, we remain hopeful that this year’s predicted bumper salmon return will ensure Lenore will bear the fruits of her labours next season with lots and lots of little cubs to keep her occupied and out of trouble. Truth be told, on occasion, she may also asking herself: ‘why, why,WHY…?


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